Young At Heart!

There's a new show in town bringing joy and excitement to active senior living communities! Young At Heart will put a smile on your face, a chuckle in your heart, and a wow in your eyes. The 45-minute presentation includes a brief performance of dancing, juggling, plate spinning; a hands-on segment for the entire audience; and concludes with a Q & A!

Perfect for your carnival theme, holidays, new experiences....                                                                                     and making any day a special day!

“Our carnival would not have been complete without this performance!”
                                                      ~Activities Director, Strive Senior Living
Comments from the residents:
                           “That was lovely!”
                                       “I hope you come back!”
Check out the promotional videos and pictures below!

Circus Gracie promo video for show #1: circus tricks

Circus Gracie promo video for show #2: musical circus